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Our Pay Per Head Platform Products 

At Bookie Helper, we adjust to your needs and requirements, not the other way around. When you partner with us to launch your pay-per-head online gambling site, you only pay for the products and services you need. In our standard package, we provide Pre-Game Sports Betting, Virtual Casino, Horse Racing, and Prop Builder for only $5 per active player, per week.  


If you wish to enhance your player’s experience or elevate you brand’s online presence, we invite you to explore our additional products an services. Click on them to learn more, or click on ”active” the feature and one of our representatives will contact you shortly to activate the feature or service.


Bookie Helper Benefits

With over 25 years of experience, Bookie Helper is your trusted partner in the exciting world of sports betting. Our industry-leading Pay Per Head Services offer everything you need to launch and manage a successful sportsbook betting business, without the headaches.

The best Pay Per Head Bookie Service must provide a complete turnkey solution, including top-rated bookie software, hardware, 24/7 customer support, robust security features, and ongoing infrastructure maintenance.  This allows you to focus on growing your business, not complexities.

Our highly customizable and scalable per head software allows you to personalize the user experience. Manage betting limits, leagues, and product access with ease, whether in bulk, by sub-agent, or for individual players.

Our competitive pricing starts at just $5 per active player, per week. This significantly reduces start-up costs compared to building a traditional sportsbook and eliminates the expenses of hiring staff, developing software, and maintaining security infrastructure.

Our comprehensive pay per head software is a feature-rich powerhouse, encompassing pre-game sports betting, a casino with engaging games, horse betting software, and even a prop builder for creative wagers.

Take your sports betting business to the next level with exciting add-ons (additional charges apply). These options create an immersive gaming experience and keep your players engaged all year, even during off-seasons.

Free up your valuable time to attract players and manage your business. Bookie Helper takes care of essential tasks like odds management, wager grading, and account updates, ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Unlike some competitors, we offer exceptional, multilingual call center support (English, Spanish, and Chinese) at no additional cost. Rest assured knowing help is always a phone call away.

Gain a significant edge with our robust reporting tools. Utilize our comprehensive risk management features, detailed reports, and analytics to identify trends, effectively manage players, and refine your risk management strategies.
Partner with Bookie Helper and become a successful bookie today!

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Design

Being a Bookie With Pay Per Head Software: Less Hustle, More Wins

The world of sports betting is now more accessible than ever. With PPH software like Bookie Helper, you can become a successful bookie without the technical complexities and financial burden of building from scratch. Partner with Bookie Helper, leverage our best pay per head bookie service, and unlock the potential of your sports betting dreams. Let’s turn your passion for sports into a profitable venture – join Bookie Helper today and discover the power of PPH!

Launch Your Sports Betting Startup – Free Skins & Branding Solutions

 Standing out in the competitive world of sports betting requires a Pay Per Head Platform that delivers a superior user experience and reflects your unique brand. The best pay per head bookie software empowers aspiring bookies with the tools and support needed to thrive.

Tailored Branding Solutions (Starting at $300): 

Get started right away with any of our free skins. However, you can also elevate your brand with our affordable skin customization options. Design a platform that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from the competition.

Comprehensive Branding Services:  

Bookie Helper goes beyond just providing software. We’re your partner in building a successful sports betting startup. We offer a full suite of branding solutions to elevate your brand beyond the software and website. Our team can design captivating marketing materials and promotional tools to help you acquire new players and build brand loyalty.

Effortless Betting on Any Device: 

Our platforms are meticulously designed for a seamless user experience across desktop, mobile, and tablet. Players can easily navigate, place bets, and manage their accounts with ease. Get your sportsbook up and running instantly with a free, mobile-friendly platform. 

Ready to Launch Your Sports Betting Dream?

Partner up with the best pay per head bookie software and unlock the full potential of your sports betting business.

Dive into Sports Betting with Pay Per Head Software: Hassle-Free Profits

The world of sports betting beckons, and you’re ready to take the plunge. But before you dive headfirst into building a sportsbook from scratch, consider a smarter, more efficient solution: Per Head Software.

Imagine skipping the complexities of software development, server maintenance, and constant security updates. A PPH service like Bookie Helper offers best-in-class betting software for bookmakers, giving you everything you need to launch and manage a successful sportsbook – all without the hefty upfront costs and ongoing headaches.

How Does Per Head Software Work?

Partner with a PPH service: Bookie Helper, for example, acts as your trusted partner, providing the software, lines management, customer support, security features, reporting, grading, and everything you need to be up and running. 

Choose your PPH package: Bookie Helper offers flexible pricing plans. The standard plan at just $5 per active player, per week already includes pre-game sports betting, virtual casino, horse racing, and prop builder, eliminating the need for significant upfront investments. At an additional cost, you can also grant your players access to additional features such as Live Dealers, Live Betting, and Premium Virtual Casinos (the choice is yours!)

Customize your PPH Software (Optional): Tailor the user experience to your brand with our platform’s customization options. 

Attract players and start taking bets!: Focus on marketing and growing your player base, while Bookie Helper handles the rest.

Pay Per Head Software vs. Building Your Sportsbook:

When building a sportsbook, the time, resources, and expertise required can be overwhelming. Let’s explore the clear advantages of Per Head Software:


Building a sportsbook from scratch involves significant upfront costs for software development, server infrastructure, and ongoing security measures. Pay Per Head Bookie Services like Bookie Helper eliminate these expenses, allowing you to launch your sportsbook with a low weekly fee.

Hassle-Free Management

Gone are the days of managing software updates, security breaches, and server downtime. Bookie Helper takes care of everything behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Faster Time to Market

 Launching a sportsbook from scratch can take months, even years. PPH software gets you up and running quickly, allowing you to start taking bets and generating revenue sooner.

Expert Support

 Bookie Helper provides exceptional customer support to guide you through every process step, from setting up your platform to managing your players and sub-agents.

All-in-One Bookie Software Solution

You won’t need to search for separate providers for betting software, prop betting, horse betting software, or casino software. Bookie Helper offers a comprehensive platform that includes all of these services. As well as multiple add-ons to keep your players engaged and entertained during the off-season. 


Pay per head services are designed to grow with your business. As you attract more players, the platform seamlessly scales to accommodate increased activity.

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